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Re: Where did Spock go?

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^^ Actually I remember James Blish addressing that very issue way back in 1970 with his novel Spock Must Die!
Eh, it's a fan idea to use it one time, say if it's a character in-universe thinking "I don't want to use a transporter, what if it kills me and makes a copy of me?" (I haven't read the novel so I don't know if that was the case or not, but I doubt that the entire novel is build around that idea.)

It would have worked as an interesting idea to have a fun discussion for a couple of pages. But 17 pages of people going back and forth and very seriously debating if all the characters in the fictional Trek world have actually been dying and replaced by their copies in every episode - in other words, people seriously arguing that they have discovered the truth about a fictional world that its writers, producers and actors have no idea about?

Hey, maybe someone will use that as the explanation of the Trek inconsistencies? Spock from STXI isn't the Spock from TUC who isn't the Spock(s) from TOS, and in TOS there were a bunch of different Spocks in every episode - because he died every time he was beamed up and got replaced with another Spock. Therefore his changes in personality, so we get Shouting Spock, Smiling Spock, Inappropriate Sexist Spock, etc.
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