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Re: You know what's creepy about Amy?

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I just find it a bit sad that someone thinks that finding a woman like Karen Gillan attractive is 'creepy'.
You said that I said that. I didn't. By that point, I'd even gone to the bother of clairfying what I was say, knowing the coterie of halfwits who like to insist I'm some kind of virgin prude for no other reason than thinking frequent unfunny sex references oughtn't be in a family show might start up. It is a lie.
You know what ? I apologise. I apologise for misinterpreting your comments and I apologise for not replying sooner.

I agree that there's a very large group of cowards on this board who like to throw labels around and insult other posters behind their backs and hide behind the "what happens in TNZ" rule. So, I also apologise for helping them do that too.
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