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Re: Why are the James Bond stories named the way they are?

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
The Spy Who Loved Me was a novel, though Bond's appearance in the book amounts to a short story-sized chunk of text.
More like a novella, actually. Fleming attempted, not altogether convincingly, to write in the first person as a female character.
doubleohfive wrote: View Post
I've not read You Only Live Twice yet, but from the film alone the title's origin is quite obvious -- Bond is “assassinated” in the pre-titles tease, only to be ”resurrected” for his mission.
That happens only in the movie, which has little to do with the book. All that Fleming's novel and Roald Dahl's screenplay have in common is the Japanese setting and some character names. The novel was written after On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and focuses on Bond's seeking revenge against Blofeld for the murder of his bride Tracy. The fake-death gimmick was a heavy-handed attempt to justify the title.
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