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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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PP, You do have a window behind the bridge set don't you? get a cheap-o window unit from Walmart, that way you can keep the set cooler.
We're on the same page.

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Keep the AC up high during normal filming, then after the ship takes a hit or two, shut the AC down and let it get "warm". Adds to the look. Nick Meyer used a similar idea when he was filming TWOK, he would have the AC turned off while filming the battle scenes, because he felt that the increase in temp, and the effect it had on the actors, helped the performance. If a ship takes damage, it's very likely that the air circulation system could go down or even seal off segments of the ship to prevent spreading smoke/toxins. That would change, during a high tension moment, does produce a physical response in humans.
Agreed! Thanks for that suggestion, and I'll forward that to the director of photography.
Might also want to let the makeup department in on it if you are going to do it. According to the story, Nick Meyer didn't tell anyone but the electrician who shut it down about it the first time, and they had some... issues with the makeup and it running from the sweating.
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