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Re: Spider-Man Post Brand New Day

I finally read Brand New Day, all 3 volumes.

Yes, it is fun. That first "re-appearance" of Spidey splash-page is both awesome and funny for the talkback which in DC usually goes "Look!"-"Up in the sky"-"It's Superman". Same goes for the mouth to mouth for Jonah! And it was engrossing. Spidey as paparazzo - it was a storyline that was current. The Daily Bugle becoming DB. Dexter Bennett only remembering Parker's name at the very end.

But overall I thought it was remarkably lightweight and fluffy. There's almost none of the regular villains for Spidey. The Jackpot Sara Ehret lines are setup but I don't know if there's going to be any payback at all. (The touch of Sara and MJ meeting up was fun). Same goes for the Carlie Cooper (oh-please!! Is Stan thinking up names again?!).

I guess the most intriguing among Spidey's villains was Mr. Negative and his links to Aunt May - but this is a weird revisit of the Doc Ock storylines in a way (Villain and Aunt May regularly brushing up). Also, I was a little surprised by the Maggia storyline. Italian mobsters and Spidey somehow don't go together. But I was intrigued by the fact that the family now owes spidey. It will be interesting if it's ever referred to.

The rest of the new people introduced - Freak, Menace, even Jackpot (after the storyline of Bobby Carr and MJW) aren't great additions. Tho' I was somewhat taken aback by the sympathetic treatment to Bobby Carr. (Was it me or did it seem like a takeoff on Leo Dicaprio?).

I will see what else I can read that comes after this...
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