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Re: Re-branding Smallville as a Superman show (spoilers up to S9 final

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Smallville already is a Superman show. It has always been a Superman show. It was never a prequel, except possibly in the first season or two.
But that's the thing, it isn't. It's a Clark Kent show. It uses established characters from the Superman and DC mythos in general, but the show has always been about Clark Kent. For all it teases and sets things up, this show is not about Superman. It's about how Clark becomes Superman.

Smallville has Clark Kent interacting with every character from the regular Superman mythos. It has all the same villains, the same love interests and the same sorts of plots, with a heavier dose of angsty romance maybe, but still. Smallville cannot be set up for a Superman show because as a Superman show it would have almost nowhere to go - it is already a pretty thorough treatment of the Superman mythos.
There are plenty of places to go. They've already set up the fact that Lex is alive, and will play a major role in the future. There are plenty of villains which have appeared throughout Smallville's run that it would be easy to bring back. Hell, they even set up Doomsday for a future return - buried in the Earth, as he was at the start of The Death of Superman, waiting to bust back out one day for the big smackdown.

As I said, I know it would never happen, but it's fun to speculate. I am, however, serious when I say it's time for a proper Superman show. And by proper, I mean no hang-ups about "flights and tights", and no angsty teenage bullshit.
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