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I'd love to see smart Klingons, as depicted in the old novels The Final Reflection or Pawns and Symbols. I far prefer both types to the "Hulk Smash!" TNG/DS9 versions.

I loved the helmet/trenchcoat look from the deleted scene (as well as the soft-spoken interrogator), but I'd put the important Klingons (i.e. not the grunts) in the Klingon gear from the Nero comic. It was a neat update of the TOS look with what seemed a hi-tech futuristic ultra-lightweight kevlar mesh instead of the (utterly useless) heavy armour from TMP onwards.

I'd like a mix of Klingon forehead looks (a few in TMP "spine" style, STVI, TNG/DS9 etc) as well as a few human-fusions. There would be no different treatment between the types of Klingons. I like the idea that that the Klingons treat all Klingon racial variants as equals (above all other aliens, of course). It sort-of applies Trek values to the bad guys too.
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