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Re: Where did Spock go?

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I'm tired of people saying that ST09 failed for this or that reason, and then someone else barges in and yells "IT DIDN'T FAIL IT MADE A LOT OF MONEY LOL" when nobody was talking about box office returns.
But box office returns are a consideration (especially after the stinker that was Nemesis), because it proves that a lot of people still love Star Trek despite the downhill slope it had taken in recent years, if 250 million dollars worth of ticket holders was any indication.

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And so I don't have to prove it's the same Spock from episode to episode. The writers and the actor were smart enough to keep him consistent.
In one episode, Spock smiles.

In another episode, he makes a completely tasteless remark to Yeoman Rand about Kirk's sexual prowess.

In TMP, he cries without any external influence controlling him to do so.

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