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Re: Was Uhura a linguist?

Yesteryear, in spite of it "intended audience", is still part of Spock's backstory and was even written by expert "Vulcanologist" DC Fontana. So Spock was a scrapper as a kid.

If we're to go "in-universe" I'd look at "The Cage" where Spock is shouting and smiling. Like this Spock, the movie's Spock isn't quite the master of emotional control he would become later. Also, Spock in the movie is "emotionaly compomised", his more extreme actions occur after his planet and mother have died. My recollection is that his action prior to that is in keeping with range Spock has exhibited elsewhere.
BTW,the guy you're linking to is Henry Jenkins. You've conflated him with the author Henry James for some reason. (Subtle didn't work )
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