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Re: Where did Spock go?

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TOS may be "the original" and "the best" but it will never, ever be consistant with itself, let alone it's sequels and prequels.

Thus Warped9's argument is a faliure. It's the pot calling the kettle black.

He can't even prove it's the same Spock from episode to episode of TOS.

So many like to trot out the irreconcilable inconsistencies of TOS that are supposedly the size of asteroids. Funny, while I can see some occasional little ones I don't see anything that can't be explained within the context of the series. The only one that comes across as a bit annoying is that the stardates of two first season episodes overlap some.

And so I don't have to prove it's the same Spock from episode to episode. The writers and the actor were smart enough to keep him consistent.
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