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Re: Where did Spock go?

If a person doesn't like the latest movie or TV show, that's one thing. However, it should not make a difference whether or not it is viewed as an official continuation of the show. A lot of people think The Final Frontier is a mostly stupid movie, but we still accept that it is an official continuation of TOS that probably happened in some way in the fictional construct that is Star Trek. It has enough discrepancies that it must take place in a different universe by Warped9's reasoning, but for most, it is Trek enough to be counted.

Something that hasn't been touched on in this thread is the mythic quality of Star Trek. I think that it has been around long enough that the main characters and universe have surpassed their roots in the public consciousness. The Enterprise, Kirk, Spock, warp drive, and photon torpedoes are like King Arthur, Camelot, the Round Table, Merlin, and Lancelot. If Merlin travelled to an alternate universe and found King Francis (or whomever) as ruler of Camelot instead of King Arthur, people would know that Arthur belongs in that spot and want him to fulfill his destiny. They may not know or care that he should be a servant for five more years before claiming his destiny according to a previous timeline. To me, Abrams is merely updating a myth for a new generation while still paying respect to the previous version of the story.
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