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Re: Where did Spock go?

^^ That isn't quite right. If ST09 had been a real reboot (which I still accept it as no matter what others claim) then it could stink to high heaven (which it does anyway) and I couldn't care less because it's totally divorced of TOS (which it actually is despite what others claim).

A reboot done well that emulated the best aspects of TOS even though not in anyway connected to it could have still been enjoyable. But instead we got a loud and hectic pile of nonsense that bears barely a passing resemble to the Star Trek I care about. I can't put a finer point on it: it's a stupid film.

But setting all that aside I'm looking at the claims this is connected to the original universe and that's where we part the ways. It bugs the film's fans somethin' ugly that I won't accept it. I'm just going by what's actually on the screen, but because I don't swallow this whole they're pissed about it. All they want to hear are the cheery little signs of glee of uncritical fans.

So I think TOS is the real and best Star Trek. Hello? It's THE ORIGINAL SERIES. It can't help but be real Star Trek because it established everything. And if I use it as the baseline by which I assess anything that follows then what's wrong with that? What unwritten law have I broken?

How come no one gives any grief to the fans who like only one of the other series? Are strictly ENT fans or strictly TNG or strictly DS9 or strictly VOY fans ever hassled?

I couldn't care less how much fucking money ST09 makes or how many people like it--nowhere is it written that I have to like it as well.
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