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Re: FARSCAPE..worth the trouble?

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I watched the premiere episode last night, and I thought it was merely okay. I feel like I don't know as much as I should about the main characters. I didn't even catch the names of anyone besides Aeryn and John Crichton. I know that some shows take longer than others to find their footing, though. Which episode is the first one that the majority of fans really adore? I love Trek, B5, and SG-1, so I won't be majorly bummed if the series isn't for me, but I do want to give it a fair shot.
Hmm well I thought the pilot of Farscape was one of the best pilots out there, oddly for many of the reasons you weren't so keen. I loved the fact it didn't spend half the show introducing everyone and went straight into the story. The slower paced 'everyone gets their moment' approach that say SG-1 went for is fine, but it tends to make the actual story of the episode weaker as a result.

Having said all that, RoJoHen is quite correct - the show didn't really find its groove until the end of the first season. From then on it is pretty much consistently awesome.
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