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Re: Where did Spock go?

See, this is what happens when filmmakers don't have the balls to just make something their own. Instead of just making his own version of Star Trek, Abrams bent over backwards to appease the continuity freaks (an impossible task) and shoehorn everything into a consistent multiverse. Why? An RSC production of Henry V doesn't have to explain why it isn't using the same costumes as a Joe Papp production of Henry IV part I from 20 years earlier.
Abrams's plan was doomed to failure. All this convoluted time travel nonsense to try to explain away inconsistencies he shouldn't have worried about bogged down his film in silliness. There will always be those who (rightly, since this is how he chose to go) point out the inconsistencies in Chekov's age, in the state of the technology, in the fact that everyone in his multiverse is just plain dumber than they were in the TOS universe....
He should have just made his own big, dumb, loud, fun movie without all this garbage.
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