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Re: Re-branding Smallville as a Superman show (spoilers up to S9 final

Christopher wrote: View Post
I think eventually it'll be hard to do a version of Superman that isn't a period piece. I mean, print newspapers already seem to be a dying medium...
As a newspaper reporter, I love hearing it when people declare newspapers as a "dying medium."

Print newspapers may slowly be closing or laying off employees but it's hardly dying, especially in the Bay Area. The newspaper, and by extension the business model, is evolving. In Palo Alto, there is a newspaper war between three major local newspapers, including the one I work for. There is also a non-profit upstart journalism project, The Bay Area Citizen, that will partner up with the New York Times for its Friday and Saturday Bay Area editions.

There are also tons of alternative press out here — the San Francisco Bay Guardian being the best (but I'm biased; I worked for them).

Still papers are losing money and the model will have to evolve, adapt. But I don't see them ever going away since people still like to hold something in their hands and read over morning coffee.

Perhaps more homegrown local papers are the future rather than the conglomerate-owned papers like the San Francisco Chronicle or the Sacramento Bee.

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