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Re: Where did Spock go?

There are many problems with the conclusions of the original post. For one, I don't think we would know the full effects that ENT's Temporal Cold War had on the timeline. That concept really makes it impossible to come to any conclusions of any substantial worth regarding anything happening in the new movie.

I'd also have to agree with KingDaniel. If continuity errors indicate alternate universes, then the same principle must consistently hold true throughout the ST run. One cannot rationalize continuity errors because the argument being made accepts only that information presented onscreen as being legitimate.

So, following the logic of the original post, the ST series hops around from alternate universe to alternate universe and there is no way to tell which universe is the "real" universe without arbitrarily assigning the attribute- but this can't be done because this is just another form of rationalization which is based on evidence not presented onscreen and which is therefore insubstantial evidence.

To me, the new movie encapsulates ST well in this regards- it is riddled with continuity errors and therefore fits in rather nicely with the rest of Star Trek.

Speaking facetiously, I would be more open to "alternate universe reboot" theory if the were no continuity errors in the movie at all; since a ST with no continuity errors would be an alien ST !
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