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Re: Re-branding Smallville as a Superman show (spoilers up to S9 final

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Kyle Gallner's film career would make Impulse appearances infrequent.
Yes...the success that that is...
I wouldn't know about the quality or popularity of his work, since I don't see many movies and I don't think I've seen any that he was in. All I know is that IMDb shows an awful lot of recent and in-production motion picture credits for him, which presumably explains his absence from Smallville. Whether or not his work is critically successful, he seems to be in demand with filmmakers.

Jetfire wrote: View Post
I think a Superman TV series would work if it had a period feel...maybe post WW2...almost dream like. It is hard to fit Superman in with 2010 with out him losing some of the charm that makes the character great...
I think eventually it'll be hard to do a version of Superman that isn't a period piece. I mean, print newspapers already seem to be a dying medium, phone booths have almost ceased to exist, and with advancing medical technology, there may come a time when eyeglasses are pretty much obsolete. Also, advances in facial-recognition technology would make it pretty easy to crack a superhero's secret identity. Not to mention what global warming might do to the climate in Kansas, possibly rendering it unsuitable for farming.

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^ If it's unrelated to Smallville and Chloe is included, I'd recast her as well. Not doing so would be as distracting as in-show recasting.
Has that ever happened before -- a character original to one adaptation of a superhero comic being adopted by another adaptation without having already been incorporated into the comic? Harley Quinn comes close, since she appeared as the featured villain in the Birds of Prey TV series only a few years after she was added to the comics continuity, but that still doesn't make the cut. Same with X-23, Wolverine's teenage female clone introduced in X-Men Evolution; she was added to the comics a couple of years before she made her first computer-game appearance.
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