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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

I got this other little project I am working on, just like I am working on more schematics of the various tardis designs..

this project is the Great Bowships!
Bowships were warcraft used by the Time Lords in their war against the Great Vampires.

The primary weapon of a bowship was a launcher firing a "mighty bolt of steel" which was capable of killing a Great Vampire if it pierced it through the heart. (They absorbed attacks from directed energy weapons and rapidly regenerated damage from minor projectiles.)
As most of the details of the Vampire War exist only as legendary fragments, little is known of the exact specifications of Bowship construction. "the Stat of Decay Episode"
Bowships were later used in the Last Great Time War, although their effectiveness against Dalek technology would have been presumably limited at best.

Now to be fair, this is only a sneak peek at the design I have in the works..

it seems to me that the Time Lords would have perfected a ship that could fold space as apposed to fly like a Tardis since that ship is so complex and takes tremendous energy to maintain itself..let alone be used for vampire hunting.. so i figured, Rassilon and the others would have used space fold technology.. and so this design shows what are folding nacells on the back dimensional kinetic ring.. the DKR is a weapon of tremendous power.. what it does is magnetically super charge the "mighty bolt of steel" kinetically and from it's stock pile location which is dimensionally transcendental, it links up with the DKR and the "mighty bolt of steel" comes hurling out of the front of the bowship at a super speed, able to pierce the toughest vampire's skin.

The Ship is created from self replicating carbon nano fiber tubes, and can repair itself in a fast manner.. the front end of the ship you see the bow, and the bridge area..

the steel bolt, is aprox 150 feet long.. and is instantaneously fired from the dimensional stockpile area.

the back ring, and the main part of the ship are held together by a graviton field..and can be separated in case of damages.. the space fold technology for the main ship exists but on a smaller scale..meaning slower and more localized folding.. and travel great distances becomes limited..

here is the sneak peek..

the back end fo the ship is always spinning.. and those mighty metal spires that come barreling out of the bowships are supplied to every ship in the fleet from the same store house.. this makes it easy for fleets to mount a full scale assault without having to reload at some starbase or something like that..

I will be doing the loading ship and it's manufacturing plant inside the pocket universe, like a tardis..
A full schematic will be coming soon..

the large circular section near the back end of the ship is the massive energy shield generators..which can absorb energy attacks..

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