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Re: Re-branding Smallville as a Superman show (spoilers up to S9 final

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On the other hand, I choose to think of the title these days as a reference to Lois's nickname for Clark (which, by the way, this show cribbed from Superman: The Animated Series, just as it cribbed Jimmy's "CK" nickname for Clark from Lois and Clark). So it's not a show about Smallville, Kansas anymore, it's a show about Clark "Smallville" Kent.
I suppose I never really thought about it like that.
A lot of people think of the show's title like that since the actual town doesn't figure so prominently anymore.

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I think a Superman TV series would work if it had a period feel...
The teaser for the 9th season finale had a very retro feel. That's the next best thing.

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