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Re: Rereading the Vanguard Series

^ LOL! I read Chapters 1-7 today. Just as I was the first time, the characters from this book held my interest from the very beginning. I appreciated that the characters were introduced slowly. We are first reacquainted with Matt Decker. From there, we revisit the crew of the WNMHGB Enterprise. New TrekLit characters are introduced in sets of two or three. Then each of those characters is reintroduced with another new character (who may or may not be someone we met on the screen.) We were allowed to 'get to know' each character before the next one was made known to us. I liked that because then I could concentrate on the story building and not have to say, "Now who was that again??" and and have to swipe back and forth to refresh my memory.

I'm impressed by the details. They're distinct enough to give us a clear vizualization, but not so much that they bog the story down. For instance, observing the Bombay and Enterprise crews mingling and how easy it is to tell them apart because the two crews are wearing different uniforms.

I think that's all I'm going to say for now except to say that I'm enjoying this book every bit as much now as I did then. I'm glad I'm re-reading it. Thanks for the prompting, Karen.
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