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Re: Where did Spock go?

Temis is glad Star Trek isn't dead? I have news for her: It's undead!
Then I'm glad it's undead! If this is Zombie Trek, allow me to be the first to say: ARRRRRRRR.
As for a way prevent it, the simplest would be to use the warp speed breakaway factor to take Enterprise back to the point in time when Nero emerges in the past and blow him to hell with a spread of 24th century quantum torpedoes. Which I'm reasonably sure Spock should be able to fabricate.
But but but...that violates the established canon of characters who learn how to time travel and then promptly forget all about it!

I said this on the other thread, but here goes: Spock doesn't have the right to undo 25 years of everyone's lives. It would effectively be the murder of Kirk and co, replacing them with their TOS versions.
He can't do that anyway! He'd be replacing people from one universe with people from another universe! He isn't in that universe anymore and doesn't seem to know how to get back to it.

It would have been better if they had declared nuTrek a clean reboot as they did with the Bond franchise.
Nah, I wouldn't have liked that as much. I'm happy with the way they decided to go.
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