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Re: Where did Spock go?

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And so wouldn't it have been renamed with a Vulcan name if it's in the Vulcan system?
If it was renamed by Vulcans.
Clearly Abrams tossed in all sorts of trek derived references with little thought about any logical consistency. He just wanted a slam-bam action movie with some familiar names. Fair enough for a reboot, but that still doesn't make it consistent with what had already been established. And as a reboot why is it even necessary to try connecting to TOS? Because he wanted some connection of legitimacy. But he fucked it up.
This is correct, they did fuck it up, so let's not let them off the hook for it by sweeping the whole thing under the proverbial rug.
Well here's something to consider: if one insists on believing that this is the original universe altered then you have to accept that everything previously in Trek has been wiped clean and is irrelevant. Just like nuVulcan it's all been destroyed.

I see it more logically as, a) the prime original Star Trek and, b) the reimagined bizarro version of Trek.
I see it like this: the Batman of Nolan's movies or The X-Men of Singer's movies or the Spider-Man of Raimi's films do not destroy or wipe away or have any bearing at all on the way those characters are handled by Marvel and DC in continuity. The new Trek movie is the same thing for me. I say this as a guy who loved Trek '09, saw it three times I the theater and own the DVD: the movie has no more bearing on TOS than the old Gold Key Comics do. The Gold Key Comics were dumb fun. So was this movie.
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