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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Temis is glad Star Trek isn't dead? I have news for her: It's undead! We didn't get Star Trek back. We got a walking, rotting corpse in disguise. I'd rather put the corpse to rest and cherish and celebrate all the wonderful stuff it gave us rather than have its name soiled by this filthy succubus.
We need another reality check, I think.

Don't sit and gratify yourself with a fucking fantasy that Real Spock is still out there somewhere, and that the new movie had an imposter.
You're confusing me with Waped9. I don't worry about who the "Spock" character in Star Trek XI was. I simply don't accept the movie as Star Trek. As for a "fucking fantasy that real Spock is out there," are you nuts? NONE of it is real, obviously. Therefor, we are all free to have our own Star Trek universe, including what we we like and discarding what we don't like. If you see differently than it is you who have issues.

On the practical side, us Galaxy Quest nerds have filled the pockets of CBS (or whoever owns Star Trek now) and has made the continued production of these movies possible. I'm one of those losers who has most of Trek on DVD (except for Enterprise and this latest abortion) but I'll not be spending another cent on this franchise as long as they go in this direction. I'll be voting with my wallet.
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