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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

We're actually going to keep the carport ceiling, and keep it bright white to help with the overhead lighting. But the gap between the console and the ceiling will be filled with the vented sheathing material used in home construction under the overhangs. It's cheap, it's lightweight and durable, and it'll look like an air conditioning/ventilation system.

Yesterday I met with a fan who's interested in redoing our graphics so that they'll be on acrylic rather than the paper/vinyl appliques. We'll see how that progresses. Didn't get much done construction-wise, but did get the Communications station covered with the service board that we use for panels. After the meeting, Linda and I had to go judge the local Hooters bikini contest. (LOL!!!) Seriously, but don't ask.

Today, we created the structural cross-slats on both Security and Tactical, and after a bowl of Lucky Charms, I'm heading back outside to cover them with the service board.

That'll leave us both turbolifts, the "backdoor" to the Captain's ready room, heads and docking port, as well as the mainviewer in terms of framing and construction.
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