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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

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Ooh, and the Power Rangers video game for Sega Genesis! That was an awesome game.
Agreed. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie game for Sega Genesis was pretty good too.

Then there was that really strange Sega CD game, where you didn't control the characters. Rather, you had to press the proper buttons to correspond with the moves of the characters on the screen in live action fight footage cribbed from the TV show. It was pretty lame, except it did have some sort of movie mode, where you could just watch the fight scenes, so it was like having a greatest hits video, with fighting clips from "Day of the Dumpster," the "Green With Evil" 5-parter, and the "Green Candle" 2-parter.

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Borgified Corpse, I'm wondering if you had similar issues - vis a vis the Red Battlezord - with regards to the Alien Rangers of Aquitar being telepathically linked to their Battle Borgs, because Billy got the tech and 'know-how' to build the Battlezord from his trip to Aquitar early on in Zeo.
Not so much there, because the Battle Borgs actually worked the way they were supposed to. (Although it's nice knowing the original Japanese story that started it.)

DigificWriter wrote: View Post
In order to engender some discussion, what are everybody's top two favorite seasons from the franchise, and why?
Well, I can't be comprehensive because I stopped watching after Power Rangers in Space. However, my votes:

Power Rangers in Space. It just felt like the culmination of 6 years of franchise development. You had all of the villains from the franchise uniting under Dark Spectre. You had a lot of emotion going on with the Astronema/Karone storyline. Ekliptor was a fantastic sympathetic villain. And the Andros/Ashley romance really worked for me.

Power Rangers Zeo. For a 13 year old kid, I can't tell you how gob-smackingly exciting this series was, as well as the lead-up to it. The final episodes of the previous season where Goldar & Rito blew up the Command Center were devastating and the search for the Zeo crystal was epic. And when the Zeo powers and the Machine Empire were finally introduced, they didn't disappoint. Granted, King Mondo wasn't nearly as badass as Lord Zedd, but at least Zedd eventually came back. The mystery of the Gold Ranger was also very effective. Plus, you have Katherine at the peak of her hotness!

Honorable Mention: the 2nd half of Power Rangers Turbo. The 1st half of Power Rangers Turbo had a lot of problems:
- It looked like Tommy & the rest of the cast had mentally checked out by that point.
- Adding a detonator to every episode put unnecessary extra strain on the formula.
- Divatox's base was a submarine in Angel Grove Lake. I can't help but wonder why they didn't just use the Megazord to dredge the lake, find the sub, and crush it.
- Carol Hoyt was only so-so as Divatox.
- Demetria was useless as Zordon's replacement. Zordon's whole narrative purpose was to be an exposition character. Demetria couldn't give exposition because she could only speak in questions & riddles.
- Bulk & Skull were turned into monkeys!

Thankfully, the 2nd half of the series quickly repaired each of these problems.
- They brought in a new, awesome group of characters. I loved T.J., Ashley, & Cassie. (Carlos I was more lukewarm towards.)
- Porto no longer planted a detonator in the city in every episode.
- Divatox's submarine base turned into a space station in orbit around Earth. Somehow, the villains just make a lot more sense when they're in space or on the moon.
- Three words: Hilary Shepard Turner! As I've said earlier in the thread, she's one of the most fun villains ever. Viva La Diva!
- They dropped the Demetria-can-only-speak-in-questions gimmick.
- Bulk & Skull became human again. What's more, the 2nd half of Power Rangers Turbo contained my favorite Bulk & Skull premise of all-- Bulk & Skull looking for work. In every episode, Lt. Stone would call up some new old friend who owed him a favor, and this friend would give Bulk & Skull a job, which they would somehow botch with predictably funny results. It was never anything big; just menial stuff like traffic directing on a construction site or forest rangers in a lookout tower. Usually the job would somehow lead to them crossing paths with the monster of the week.
- Plus, the 2nd half of the series introduced a bunch of cool new Zords & vehicles. My favorite was T.J.'s flying convertible.
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