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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Temis is glad Star Trek isn't dead? I have news for her: It's undead! We didn't get Star Trek back. We got a walking, rotting corpse in disguise. I'd rather put the corpse to rest and cherish and celebrate all the wonderful stuff it gave us rather than have its name soiled by this filthy succubus.
We need another reality check, I think.

Star Trek is whatever the writers make it. Not you, not I, not the Warped fellow in the corner... it's fiction. It changes.

That's why we have utter shit like Spock's Brain, Catspaw and the rest of the crap episodes in with the supposedly superior Trek produced in the years where it was apparently "pure". Star Trek has never been anything more than pretty good entertainment for those reasons. A lot of it is dumb as fuck. Some of it was clever. Spock changed as it went on. All the characters did. The new movie is the latest revision of something that's been revised countless times already.

Don't like it? Then dump on it, move along and find something else that you do like. Don't sit and gratify yourself with a fucking fantasy that Real Spock is still out there somewhere, and that the new movie had an imposter. If you need to hear that shit, you have issues.
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