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Re: Where did Spock go?

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What the hell do you expect Nimoy to remember continuity wise after more than forty years? He's an actor, not a writer or continuity consultant. He just gets paid to read the lines.
A: He's not just an actor paid to say lines. He is an actor who studies the material, puts himself in the character as written and even contributes based on his vast knowledge of his character. He becomes that character and gives to us his peformance, because we want him to. Is he paid? yes... we all are that have a job. And paid well because, as has been debated, not just anyone can play these roles. He is an asset to Star Trek, more than most. And paid for a service, no different than anyone else. And he has earned his paycheck, goddamn it. The minute you start downgrading what the actors of this series, or any series, contribute to these shows is the minute you should just stop watching these shows. It is the actors that give us everything, they are the delivery system. This is commercial entertainment and asks nothing more of you, certainly less than you ask of it. Leonard Nimoy is a smart man, he's quite conscience of his Trek material and respects his character. He respects the franchise, and his role in it, far more than you ever will... and that's just too bad for you.

B: Nerd bots constantly ask this man all these stupid little questions that you ask here. And he does his best to answer them, so what makes you think he's forgotten much of anything from 40 years of Star Trek when he's reminded every day?

Star Trek isn't about explaining every little inconsequential detail to you while it pats you on the head, like you're a dumb little baby... and it never will be. I assume you're smarter than that, so grow up. Because it says to me that you've lost the ability to find enjoyment in a product created to do exactly that, that's terrible, and I'm sorry. But you ask too much of the concept, honestly.

Evidence is offered up to illustrate the point, but all we get from the other side is, "No, it isn't. No, it isn't. No, it isn't. No, it isn't. No, it isn't. No, it isn't..."

You ask why it bothers me? I can ask the same, why does what I conclude bother you? If you liked the film then what do you care one way or another?

Then why do you bother to post? You're going to find that people differ with your opinion and may never share your concerns, if that's an issue with you, perhaps keep these concerns to yourself. Healthy debate and playful spectulation is one thing, but no one here answers to you. It's no ones responsibility to find the answers you seek, to agree with your reasoning, to commiserate, or to blindly follow along on your quest to waste a shit load of time asking.

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When I'm absolutely convinced of something there are no limits to my stubbornness.
Then I guess yer gonna have to suck your own dick, cuz no one here's gonna suck it for ya.
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