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Re: Where did Spock go?

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I haven't seen the movie and don't ever intend to. But based upon what I have read about it I would like to offer another point of contention.

Would the Spock who went back in time in COTEOF to prevent McCoy from changing the past, and who insisted that Capt. Christopher had to be returned in TIY to preserve the future; be so willing to write off the destruction of Vulcan and all the inhabitants, when he knew that this was not as history should proceed?

I submit that the answer is he would not. Thus in the history that he comes from, there must be no conflict, and to his knowledge Vulcan was destroyed. If it were otherwise, then Spock, through inaction, would be condoning genocide.

I'm sorry but the Spock of TOS would not do that.
This is still nonsense. Does every story told in TOS square logically with every other story? No. Yet we forgive and ignore it.

But now suddenly it's a problem? No. It wasn't a problem then, and it isn't a problem now.

Let it go. There are some things that benefit from this level of thought and scrutiny. This ain't one of them. These characters are not real people. Do not expect the level of consistency from them that you would from a real person.
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