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Re: Where did Spock go?

Fans have come up with excuses for the continuity glitches in STXI just as they did decades ago with TOS, TMP, TNG and the rest.

Warped9, you say it's the wrong Spock because he mistook the 25 year old Kirk for the 30 year old one. Five years? That is a joke. I'm suprised you haven't used Chris Pine's eye colour as "proof" of your conclusions yet, or that Captain Pike's not a bigot in STXI.

The date the Enterprise was launched and the size of the ship? Starfleet rethought their shipbuilding after the attack on the Kelvin. Have the designs changed too much? No more than TMP did (or the large Excelsior design a little later), and those changes could have been the result of the Doomsday Machine encounter or another TOS event.

Chekov's age? He could have been BSing when he said it in TOS.

Delta Vega? I answered that earlier.

You're probably gonna dismiss my, and everyone else's answers (as you repeatedly have) but they're just as valid as the excuses fans made for the stupid errors in TOS.
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