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Re: Where did Spock go?

^^ Well the argument with most fans is the acceptance that TNG era Spock is the older version of TOS era Spock. But to challenge that (which I would happily do) would be to say that TOS and TNG aren't of the same continuity either.

One debate at a time.

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They claim TOS Spock went into the the Abramsverse.

No, he didn't. We don't know where he went, if he even went anywhere.
So, to clarify:

TOS Spock goes in a black hole and then a different Spock comes out of the black hole into a new universe that had been made into a nunew universe because Nero had gone into the same Black Hole that TOS Spock went into and came out 25 years earlier than Magic Spock (the Spock that magically appeared in place of TOS Spock) and messed around with timeline of the new universe, thus creating the nunew universe. For some reason, the same Nero that went into the black hole came out the other end, unlike TOS Spock who was replaced by Magic Spock. TOS Spock is MIA and Magic Spock meets nuKirk who tells him about Magic Kirk (the Kirk that Magic Spock knew in his magic future). nuKirk and nuSpock defeat Original Nero and Magic Spock meets nuSpock at the end.

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It's simpler. We don't know if TOS Spock (decades after TOS) ever went into a black hole. All we know is we see an older nuSpock emerge into the Abramsverse and this nuSpock doesn't have the same memories of our familiar TOS Spock. That and other things leads me to believe that this older nuSpock is from another alternate universe that seems to have much in common with the Abramsverse, but it certainly isn't the familiar TOS universe.

Wouldn't this be more alike the TNG episode where Worf is jumping from one alternate universe to another? And we're we always seeing the same Worf?
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