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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Except for the fact that Old Spock is the guy from TOS (and hence the thread being here), thus it is connected to the old continuity in a way other reboots aren't, despite minor variations in spaceship and costume designs.
If it's the same Spock than he did a lot more than time-travel. There were no Budweiser-powered starships the size of Enterprise-D in the 23rd century in his timeline - nor a second class-M planet in the Vulcan system, nor a Starfleet which promotes cadets directly to Captain. I don't see any "minor variations" here.

I can accept some retconing but the 23rd century in Star Trek XI bears no resemblance at all to the 23rd century of the real Star Trek so I don't see how any claim that they are the same can be taken seriously.
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