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Re: Where did Spock go?

The only memory that was different was his assumption that Kirk was the captain of the Enterprise. Given that he was a 130+ year old man who had just watched a planet explode, been sucked through a black hole, captured by aliens, marooned on an ice planet, and watched his home planet implode, I think we can forgive him for not noticing that Kirk was ten years younger than he should have been.

It's hardly definitive.

It doesn't matter, anyway. It was that same old guy who used to play Spock, that's the important thing. Which Spock from TOS was he? Who knows... maybe he was the Spock from the universe in which Vulcan had once been conquered, or the Spock from the universe where general order 4 carried a death penalty. All we really know is that he isn't the Spock who once served with James R. Kirk.
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