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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Spock Prime is clearly meant to be TOS Spock. Any mess ups with continuity, inconsistencies with character etc are down to the writers making a right cock-up of it.

I'm not willing to let them off the hook by saying it's a clean reboot.
It doesn't matter what they meant. It's what's presented on the screen. For a long time many people assumed that shuttlecraft were strictly sublight vehicles and that ship's phasers were only for sublight combat, but the evidence onscreen clearly refutes both assumptions. People accepted that the warp speed formula is Warp Factor cubed because it was written somewhere, but the onscreen evidence refutes what might have been intended. Every later incarnation of Star Trek is assumed to happen in the same continuity and yet there is ample evidence to argue they don't, but rather exist is a somewhat similar alternate one. It doesn't negate their legitimacy or enjoyment factor. Indeed it makes the whole thing more complex and varied.

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i think the real question is: does it matter?
because, woooo everythings all shiny now....tattooed romulan spacegoths, etc
Well in the grander scheme of things nothing we discuss matters one whit, but we do it because we're interested and it exercises the brain in doing so.

TOS' inconsistencies aren't that hard to rationalize. You can explain Kahn's 200 year reference with time dilation. You can explain Kirk's 200 year reference in "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" with him being dryly sarcastic. And you can explain the 900 year reference in "The Squire Of Gothos" by Trelane messing up and choosing to focus on roughly the Napoleonic era rather than the middle ages.
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