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Re: Where did Spock go?

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In TOS Chekov would have been about 7 to 10 years old in "The Cage" era of Pike. In ST09 he's 17.
In season two, Chekov was 22 and Kirk was 34. If we assume that "The Menagerie" is a year earlier, Kirk would have been 33 and Chekov 21. 13 years before that, Kirk would have been 20 and Chekov 8 during the events of "The Cage.". XI takes place when Kirk is 25, oldChekov would have been 13. His age was fudged by 4 years, making nuChekov 17.

In TOS the Enterprise has existed for perhaps a decade or so when Kirk is about 25 and forging a career before he commands the Enterprise some years later. In ST09 the Nuprise is being built just as nuKirk goes to Academy and thus the ship has no prior service history with Pike.
The new Enterprise was launched later. In season one of TOS, it had been in service for at least 13 years. If we assume that this is a year earlier than "The Deadly Years," then the Enterprise would have been in service at least since Kirk was 20 years old. The new one doesn't launch until he is 25.

The nuPike is clearly older than TOS Pike. At a more roughly similar age TOS Pike would have been in his final years of commanding the Enterprise. And so when nuPike was closer in age to the TOS Pike seen in "The Cage" the Nuprise wouldn't even exist for some years.
Right. Bruce Greenwood was 14 years older when he played Pike than Jeffrey Hunter was. Of course, "The Cage" would have taken place about 5 years earlier than XI did, so age of the actor playing Pike was off by about a decade.

Of course, if we're going to quibble about the actor's age, Koenig is a year older than Takei.
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