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Re: Where did Spock go?

I'll take Leonard Nimoy's word over Warped9's.

It's TOS Spock. If you don't like the film, fine. But all the fanon theories in the multiverse won't make it some other random-universe Spock.

Using similar criteria to Warped9, here are some other epiodes that must exist in an alternate universes too:
"The Cage"
"Time warp" factors, "lasers", the ship going all transparent at warp.

"Where No Man Has Gone Before"
James R. Kirk

"The Minagerie"
Pike's described as "About (Kirk's) age", yet he flew a mission as Enterprise captain eleven years earlier.

"Space Seed"
No Eugenics Wars, superman or Khan ruling any part of the world in 1996. Furthermore we didn't have any of the tech seen on the Botany Bay, like stasis tubes or artificial gravity.

The Motion Picture
Everything looks different and Klingons have bumpy foreheads.

The Wrath of Khan
The Starfleet badge worn around Khan's neck is incorrect for the era, most of Khan's henchmen are either too young or too old for the fifteen-year exile.
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