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Re: Where did Spock go?

In TOS Chekov would have been about 7 to 10 years old in "The Cage" era of Pike. In ST09 he's 17. In TOS the Enterprise has existed for perhaps a decade or so when Kirk is about 25 and forging a career before he commands the Enterprise some years later. In ST09 the Nuprise is being built just as nuKirk goes to Academy and thus the ship has no prior service history with Pike. The nuPike is clearly older than TOS Pike. At a more roughly similar age TOS Pike would have been in his final years of commanding the Enterprise. And so when nuPike was closer in age to the TOS Pike seen in "The Cage" the Nuprise wouldn't even exist for some years.

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The story logic? If there were any why didn't the Nero and co. just drop the red matter into the star then, or with Spock's help if needed, go forward in time to a day before it blows and drop the red matter in and make this whole movie unnecessary?
I'm not debating whether anything within ST09 makes any sense. I'm accepting it as it's presented. And if you accept it at face value then how does it gel with what has already been established in TOS? You can debate till the cows come home about when the timeline may have been altered. But my focus is on the older Spock--where did he come from? We can evaluate his behaviour and actions and what he reveals and from that get a better idea where he comes from. What we see of the older Spock tells me that he has different recollections than what the TOS Spock would surely know and thus I conclude that Abrams' older Spock isn't the TOS Spock from the familiar TOS universe. And the universe Nero and old nuSpock emerge in bears only a passing resemblance to the one previously established.

Hence it's a clean reboot.
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