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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I won't deny that there are some issues with the movie, but you're just pissing into the wind with the whole, "It's a bad movie, and you're wrong for believing otherwise!" bit. Good and bad are subjective. You didn't like it, so it makes it a bad movie to you. I absolutely enjoyed the movie, and that makes it a good movie to me. You can try to be objective as you want when pointing out what you feel are issues, but you're not going to convince anyone that it's a bad movie just because you say they are wrong.
Except of course, I've just been busy explaining and showing you can like a movie and still objectively know it isn't good, and even gave an example of a movie I like that isn't good, and happily admit so.

If Star Trek 09 were good, but I didn't like it, I would say so. This is simply isn't the case. Star Trek 09 is bad, my god is it bad. And if you're honest and objective, leave your feelings out of it, and examine the movie, you should be able to see it as well, and admit it.

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For example, I LOVE Mortal Kombat. I love that movie, I consider it one of, if not the most enjoyable movies to I've ever watched. I can also tell you, objectively and honestly speaking, it's not a good movie.
I trust we can agree that the Johnny Cage/Scorpion fight, set to the music of Fear Factory, is the best in the film?
Oh, indeed. Lui Kang vs Reptile is a close second though.

I agree with you. Mortal Kombat is bad, but fun. ST09 is also bad and fun.
I don't consider ST09 fun though. The sheer ineptness of this movie and the mockery it makes of something I've loved nearly my entire life, makes it impossible to me to find it fun. Whenever I'm forced to watch, and believe me it is forced, I have no interest in watching ST09, all it does is draw my mind to all the plotholes, all the idiocies, all the bad writing, the bad sets, the lack of any coherent theme (despite claims of the writers there is one, showing they were just lying through their teeth for propaganda's sake), the lack of any character development, especially in Kirk, and on, and on. Like I said; every time I'm forced to sit through this steaming pile, I uncover even more bad stuff.
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