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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

I'm surprised no one has posted this, yet. The first official reveal of Guitar Hero 6, with a comment that the focus is on a "rock 'n roll experience."

The more surprising development is that it's now been confirmed by multiple sources that Guitar Hero 6 will be the final Neversoft-developed game in the series, and there have been massive layoffs at the studio (supposedly almost the entire Guitar Hero group has been told their services will no longer be required following the game's completion, and note-charting staffers have been the first to go). The new studio putting the franchise together? Vicarious Visions.

In Rock Band 3 news, the only confirmed information is that, as posted earlier, vocal harmonies will be in the game (and the harmony information has been included in DLC songs since sometime last year), and Mad Catz is the official peripheral manufacturer.
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