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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

Preliminary pics of my Star Hammer refit. Afterwards, I went back and put an Avenger class saucer section on it (just visible in the last pic).

As nice as the Nomad class saucer is, it just doesn't ring my bell. Several positive points include its large size (length and volume) and the lateral torpedo launchers. The torpedoes actually launch sideways from the saucer and arc forward; very VERY nice. Unfortunately, you are still limited to a 90 forward firing arc, so despite the fact that they launch sideways, you cannot fire on ships that are on your flank. However, the saucer's minuses outnumber its bonuses for me. I quite like the fiddly bits all over the Avenger and Vanguard and the large number of escape pods. The Nomad is just too smooth with too few escape pods for my taste.

The Nomad nacelles have a bit of a clipping problem with the Vanguard nacelle struts; but as you can see in the last picture, even with the clipping, the combination of the two looks absolutely elegant. A great counterpoint to the inelegant Avenger hull and saucer. ^.^
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