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Bridge - USS Anhur

So, I was dicking around in SketchUp or whatever, and I decided to make the bridge of the Anhur (from my thread for my sketches and other crap). Without further adieu, here's some crappy pics:

A side view of the whole bridge.

As you can see, it's connected directly to the conference room. Cuts down on door costs. You know how expensive doors that go "swoosh" are.

Looking Aft Into The Conference Room

As you can see, the table is too damn high, and the interior in no way whatsoever matches the intended exterior shape.

Fuck it.

Looking Down Into The Conference Room

Gives you a pretty good look at that bizarre platform with the handrail that some ASDB engineer put in the middle of the stairs. What's it there for? Who the hell knows?

(It puts something besides empty space behind the captain, in case their adventures become a TV show)

Looking Forward

Here you can see basic console layout of much of the bridge. Note that everything faces out from the captain, so efficiency doesn't get screwed for the sake of everyone being pointed at the camera.

Note also, that there are emergency supply locker thingies next to the viewscreen.

Looking Aft

Here we are looking towards the back of the bridge. As you can see, there are erm... plenty of handrails. Yes, there is no shortage of handrails.

The door on the right leads to the crew head (its opposite leads to the ready room), whilst the little corridor to the left curves around to the turbolift.

A shot from above to give an idea of the layout.

I could probably do better if I looked at some tutorials.
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