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Re: What can the iPad be used for?

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The Kindle DX e-reader retails for $489. and its just an e-reader. The base price of an iPad is $499. For $10 more you get an almost laptop. So the Kindle, Nook and so on should be about $50 based on your $250 for the iPad.
An e-book reader will give you hundreds (if not thousands) of hours entertainment on one charge, they usually have slots for USB and/or SD cards PLUS they don't tire your eyes when reading on them anyway near the way a typical monitor (like on the iPad) does. By those arguments the IPad should be free.
Really thats your issues. I can understand people having other issues but this....

Seriously for reading the ipad can last days. And I have yet to ever read for days on end. Hours yes, but not days.

I have yet to have problem with eye strain on them, but admittedly the longest time I have just read without a break on one was four hours, so I can't attest for myself if longer would be a factor (on a few occasions I will read for say 12 hours straight without breaks of more then 15 or so minutes (bathroom, getting something to eat, ect).

Seriously most people do understand the portables have to be recharged at some point. The key issue on this is how often and if it interferes with your day to day use of a device.

For myself being able to use the ipad literally for the full day and not have to recharge except for when I sleep (when I wouldn't be using it anyway) is pretty much what I want as a standard for any portable media device. From laptops, to mp3 players, to phones).

I mean seriously no color still, thus reading a book about anything which references colors (like art books, comics, magazines, fashion, design, children's books, ect) are all a huge plus for the ipad (or any portable color device). The ability to watch movies and films (and to do that for nearly 12 hours is amazing on any portable device, I mean I watched all three extended Lord of the Rings films on just one charge, that blows my mind), people bitch about the lack of flash on use for the internet as not giving you the full look and feel and experience of the net, is even more true on the Kindle.

Now of course if your primary use for a portable deice is reading black and white texts and doing it for many, many hours of each day (with the additional use of music and a limited a b&w internet surfing, email). Then of course logically the kindle is probably (or something similar) a good device for you.

But if you want a more flexible device for media. Movie/TV, Books, music, Internet (limited by flash only) then clearly the ipad is vastly superior. I mean when I had my 6 week trip to Japan and China this would have been a blessing. My sister is just got back from her Europe trip and she loved having the ipad with her.
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