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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

I've started to use the new Memory Alpha crafting system... I like it muuuuch more now.

Since I'm already at RA level I'm creating a lot of stuff i don't really need anymore to get to (for me) interesting stuff.
I dumped the "junk" into the fleet bank, if anybody is interested.

Although "junk" is the wrong word for a LC. It's rare (blue) Plasma Snipers and a Plasma array.

I thought about putting them on the exchange to get more money for more resources, but i figured most LCs won't be able to spent as much money on items like this anyway.

So the fleet should benefit from it.

In case you do the same we can do away with the real junk in the fleet bank soon and only put rare items in there.

Imagine getting promoted from LT to LC and getting powerful blue items right from the start... for free basically!
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