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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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As I said, it is simply a matter of taste. Your personal opinion masquerading as fact, when it is not fact, or even generally accepted as true.

It is a tempest in a teapot. Your zealousness does not change that.
Nope, wrong. Plotholes have nothing to do with taste. Plotholes are plotholes are plotholes. Outright contradictions are worse so, and remain outright contradictions regardless of your taste.

Plotholes are objective.

People denying them, is deliberately trying to make a movie better than it really is. That's probably the worst anyone liking this movie; that they spend their time defending plotholes, or trying to say they aren't there; THAT is subjective, not only subjective, it is irrational.

Pointing out plotholes is not. And if people liking this movie were rational, they'd say, yes, indeed, the movie is filled and filled with plotholes, bad sets, barely disguised, or not disguised at all sets, it makes this movie bad, but I like it anyway.

Instead, they spend their time denying them, or claiming that the people who noticed the plotholes and point them out, are merely subjective, biased, childish, "producing a tempest", etc. etc.

Yes, indeed, you CAN judge a movie objectively, if you're honest enough. There are several movies that I like, that are bad movies, and I will tell so, honestly.
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