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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Star Trek (2009) is as believable as any other incarnation of Star Trek. There doesn't need to be a comparison. You're trying to compare two fantastic (not in reference to an indicator of quality) stories that contain elements of science and reason which give them a level of believability, but suffice to say, one is not more believable than the other in that regard. It's like saying "I know Christianity is wrong because Judaism is right". You have no verifiable data to support it beyond mere supposition. It all comes down to personal taste. You can point out plot holes, and people can point out plot holes in the movies you enjoy. You can say it's insane/weird/inconsistent, and others can point out insane/weird/inconsistencies in your favorite movies.

It is nothing more than a tempest in a teapot.

When we say how bad Star Trek 2009 is, we say so by it's bad on it's own merits, not in comparison. And no, that means 2009 is not fantastic, it's horrifyingly bad.

Why? Because unlike other movies, regardless of franchise, none of them have the sheer amount of ineptness in them, than this movie has. And no, that means in other movies, you can NOT point out the plotholes. Oh, there may be a few tiny ones here and there, a flub there, one little thing to get the plot going there - you can expect them in all movies - but this movie, manages a staggering 14 in one 4 minute scene, and it just keeps on pumping them out. Every scene, with exception of three, is FILLED with them. Hell, I never counted them, but I don't think the first nine Star Trek movies, don't even manage to have 14 plotholes COMBINED.

But we're not yet done, then there's the inept camera work, the inept set-dressing; seriously, brick walls on starships? Then there's the fucking beer vats in communications; hell, the valve, the connector for the hose that pumps the beer out, wasn't even attempted to be covered up, it just sat there in the middle of the screen. Not even The ffing Asylum managed to have that bad set dressing, and they make ripoffs with sound-alike names of blockbusters on a shoestring budget.

Think of it; the first scene, the first ten seconds of this movie goes like this: "It looks like lightning in space! You should see it!"

Captain enters bridge, and an officer tells him, "We're not yet in visible range."

Uh... that's the first scene you write down, and it's not just a plot hole, it's an outright contradiction. The first FFING scene! How do you manage it!?

I have never watched a movie this bad, ever. There is so much bad in this movie, such an a vast amount, that bad covers up other bad. Repeated viewings, where other movies show you more depth, more good stuff, or more funny stuff you missed earlier times, Star Trek only reveals more bad stuff that the bad stuff you noticed the earlier viewings covered up.
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