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Re: New DS9 Relaunch Novels?

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One of the best series, but much of the momentum was lost. It's a shame really.

I'm hoping that it gets back into the groove, especially as I'm eagerly awaiting DRGIII's next turn at bat.
I hate to say it but I think I have to agree with you. I was out of the country 2008-2009 and read the Destiny trilogy overseas. After that my trek reading obsession more or less disappeared.

I came back to read Soul Key and found myself lost at points, but thought it was due to my 2 year hiatus from the series. On the other hand, as you said the momentum I felt in the Mission Gamma series wasn't there anymore.

It's almost as if S.D. Perry needs to come back and launch "season 9". That is, of course, unless DRGIII doesn't do it in his upcoming's hoping
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