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Re: New DS9 Relaunch Novels?

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there wont be a new ds9 novel. or any other series specific novel for that matter. at least not until 2012-2013. they'll keep making tie in novels like destiny.
Somebody better inform Peter David (New Frontier), David A. McIntee(TNG), Steven Mollmann & Michael Schuster (TOS), Michael A. Martin (Enterprise), Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, David Mack and Marco Palmieri (Vanguard) of this deveolpment, they all think they'll be writing series specific novels for 2011.
alright you got me there. let me rephrase, ds9-tng-voy novels are being "tied in".
Sorry, forgot Kirsten Beyer (Voyager) in the list above.

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Well, mine's mostly TNG but won't have "The Next Generation" on the cover - but then, neither did any of the four TNG movies...
Yeah, my brain must have misfired there, probably was making the connection Geordi-heavy = TNG.
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