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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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Agreed. The Blaze Prometheus bridge is one of my faves. (I love how my helm/tactical officers are only 7m away instead of 18 like my star cruiser bridge.) Two things would elevate it in my opinion, one would be to have my XO's seat next to mine, the other would be to have my other three officers at the unoccupied stations. I'm quite fond of the Voyager style bridges, but if they could go on a bit of a diet and be the size of the Prometheus bridges (23m diameter), they would take my top spot.

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went and bought the pack as soon as it went into the C-Store, even though I won't have access to them for aaaaages yet!
Why not, you should be able to put it into any ship, even your Miranda/Shi'kar/Centaur
<Ahem!> That's TOS Constitution, thankyouverymuch!

Didn't know that about C-Store Bridge Packs, although t'be honest, I don't really like the idea of that. With the Prometheus bridges, they're not that far from Excelsior/Constitution-refit bridges anyway (...because it's just a redress of the same set! ), but it just feels a bit wrong to whack one class of bridge into a different class of ship. Gets my canon-sense tingling...

On that note, I'd love to see more canon bridges as C-Store options later on. Definately a TOS-style bridge, as well as the TMP/Reliant bridge, and the TUC/Excelsior/Ent-B bridge styles. Perhaps even a TNG-esque re-vamp of the Excelsior bridge, like the versions seen in Star Trek: Borg and Elite Force II.

Of course, Cryptic would have to put out an Excelsior-class ship to do that...

...hint, hint!
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