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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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So much for Tyler's line in "The Cage" referring to the discovery of dilithium. Or lithium, for that matter.
I'll have to check that sometime as I didn't find a reference to lithium/dilithium in "The Cage".
There isn't one. It has been speculated however that the advances in (di)lithium technology is what's being referred to here:

TYLER: And you won't believe how fast you can get back. Well the time barrier's been broken. Our new ships can-
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Nevertheless, the very functioning of the warp engines is totally different between TOS and TNG+. If TOS were the same as TNG with the dilithium mediating the M/AM reaction, Scotty would've blown the ship to bits when he ejected the dilithium crystal assembly when the engines were at full power in "The Paradise Syndrome"
I suppose there could be some auto power-down safety feature to prevent such (amusing) incidents? In fact this appears to be what happens in Paradise Syndrome; Scotty raises the crystal from the pedestal just before they try the Deflectors on the asteroid, and power drops all over the ship.
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