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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Sitting outside the CINC's office, Captain Eliza Hernandez was utterly terrified at the prospect of facing the Commander in Chief-Starfleet and for reasons she did not yet know. Her badge suddenly chirped and she practically jumped, “Captain Hernandez, please come in.” Captain Hernandez stood nervously and made her way to the doors. The doors opened and she slowly made her way into the CINC's office. The Starfleet five star admiral was staring out the window at the Golden Gate Bridge and Hernandez stood there for almost a minute before the admiral spoke. “Sit, Captain Hernandez,” she said in a tone that was almost gentle but had a harder edge to it. Hernandez quickly sat in the chair in front of the admiral's desk.

“Admiral...” Hernandez began, but she was cut off by a swift motion from the CINC.

“Stay quiet and just listen, Captain. We both know we don't like each other, but we share a common goal, we both want my son out of Starfleet....” said Admiral Kathryn Janeway.
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