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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

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The current reruns on ABC add new, lame effects to the old episodes. Hell, there are times when it feels like they're turning it into the old Batman TV show with "Biff," "Pow," & "Wham" superimposed on the screen. Plus, they're taking too long getting through the early episodes and re-rerunning the early episodes. Most of the episodes before the Green Ranger showed up were shite.
Doesn't help that the guy who was in charge of the Microsoft Paint/windows movie maker remastered graphics was a douche

the guy that is now editing the revised Power Ranger caused some panic when he said the fandom would hate him for what he did to Green With Evil.

He seems to get off on peoples anger over how the remastered episodes turned out.

Some love his in your face style and some want to "meet" with him.

There was a segment on HDNet's Inside MMA about Jason David Frank's first MMA fight, and in it was a clip from the revised "Green with Evil Part 1".

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As long as Saban stays far far away from Sailor Moon, I'm happy.
Also he should stay away from Kamen Rider!!! His last attempt crippled any chances of a new series.

Then last year a new production company adapted Kamen Rider Ryuki to Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Sadly it was cancelled.

So the record is 2 and 0
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